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Systems Engineering & Evaluation Directorate

The Systems Engineering & Evaluation Directorate (SEED) is composed of skilled scientists and engineers dedicated to supporting the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) mission.  Our purpose is to ensure DNDO proposes sound technical solutions for identified requirements.  Our approach is to thoroughly understand systems’ performance and capability before deployment to the field.  Throughout DNDO, we manage a robust systems engineering approach for technology evaluation to provide leadership with the best possible information for decisions.  SEED staff members are highly regarded within the Department and across other government agencies for their competencies and expertise in radiological/nuclear detection systems testing and systems engineering.


The SEED mission is to ensure that any solutions designed to reduce the risk of nuclear terrorism are effective, either by applying a systems engineering approach to demonstration in operational environments, or evaluations using specialized materials and rigorous test methods.


To be the preeminent and central U.S. government organization for the evaluation of preventive radiological/nuclear detection (PRND) technology and a champion for integrating systems engineering principles.


To accomplish the SEED mission and vision, the Directorate has established the following objectives:

  • Institutionalize systems engineering practices across DNDO programs and mission areas
  • Lead the development of national and international radiological/nuclear detection standards
  • Develop test and evaluation campaigns in support of radiological/nuclear detection requirements
  • Invest in test and evaluation facilities, equipment, processes, and personnel
  • Develop integrated pilot programs that support technical and operational assessments
  • Provide meaningful assessments of operational utility through a robust evaluation of campaigns/events in support of pilot programs


The Directorate is composed of two divisions, each focused on a different aspect of technology and system evaluation.

Operational Analysis and Systems Engineering Support (OASES) Division

This division is the focal point for implementing systems engineering processes and procedures throughout DNDO. It ensures the effective execution and integration of technical efforts, such as requirements definition, risk management, configuration control, and standards development across DNDO.

OASES is also the focal point within DNDO for the operational utility assessment of new technologies or concepts of operations. Pilot programs and experiments allow the evaluation of promising new technologies or operational methods in simulated or real world settings. Results provide decision makers with validated information prior to large scale fielding, while often creating the dividend of new operating capability in the Pilot venue. These efforts support the transition from concept to operational program, and expedite the process of fielding improved capabilities to enhance the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA).

Test and Evaluation Division

The Test and Evaluation Division supports the DNDO research, development, and acquisition process by performing rigorous assessments of DNDO-mission related technologies as they are developed, deployed, and implemented. The testing of detection systems against special nuclear materials in significant quantities and in realistic configurations is key to the assessment of radiological/nuclear systems. This type of testing requires highly specialized and secure testing facilities which are established and maintained by the division. Evaluations are performed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies as well as developing technologies. The planning, execution, data analysis, and reporting of developmental tests of COTS and innovative technologies are performed by this division.

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