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Top FOIA Requests

Below lists some of our more popular FOIA requests and the component that administers the records.

Top Five

Alien File

Requests for any documents in the alien file should be sent to the USCIS FOIA officer.


If you are seeking a copy of a contract, you must provide either a valid solicitation or contract number. These can be found at Federal Business Opportunities or the Federal Procurement Data System(FPDS).

Requests with valid contract or solicitation numbers should be sent directly to the component administering the contract. If you do not know the component administering the contract, please contact the DHS Director, Disclosure & FOIA, for proper routing information. In addition to including the contract/solicitation number, please include the common title of the contract or service being provided by the contract.

Disaster Relief

Requests for National Flood Insurance Program Records and Disaster Relief should be sent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA).


Requests for Domestic Preparedness Grant records should be sent to (FEMA) . For all other grants, submit requests to the DHS Director, Disclosure & FOIA.

Last Published Date: November 2, 2018

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