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DHS Form 7001, Request for Case Assistance

Ombudsman DHS Form 7001
OMB Control Number: 1601-0004
Expiration Date: 9/30/2025

Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman



The Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman) assists individuals and employers in resolving difficulties they are experiencing with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You can submit DHS Form 7001 online below to request our help.


Before You Submit a Request

  1. Try to resolve your issue directly with USCIS first. We are an independent office in the Department of Homeland Security and are not part of USCIS. 
  2. If you still need help, review the types of cases we can and cannot help with on our How to Submit a Case Assistance Request page. 
  3. Read our CIS Ombudsman Web Alerts page for information that could affect your case assistance request. Recent alerts include: 
    • When to contact USCIS and the CIS Ombudsman about Form I-134A processing delays and other issues related to the parole processes for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans 
    • Delays in affirmative asylum cases
    • You can now reschedule most biometrics appointments online 
    • Green card validity period extended to 48 months for conditional green card holders applying to remove conditions

Submit DHS Form 7001 Online

To request case assistance, complete the form sections below and select the “Submit” button. Make sure to complete every section that applies to you and to check your information before submitting. You can read our tip sheet on submitting a case assistance request before you begin. If you are having problems completing the form, you can call us at 1-855-882-8100 or email cisombudsman@hq.dhs.gov to ask for help.



    Congress established the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman) as an external ombudsman to assist individuals and employers unable to resolve issues directly with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The CIS Ombudsman is an independent office within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and not part of USCIS.

    To receive assistance with an issue regarding an application or petition with USCIS, submit this form to the CIS Ombudsman using the instructions below.

    Seek Help from USCIS First

    You must try to resolve your issue directly with USCIS first before filing DHS Form 7001. View ways to seek help from USCIS. If you have tried to address your issue directly with USCIS and still need to request case assistance from the CIS Ombudsman, you may submit DHS Form 7001 and describe in the first section below what actions you have taken to resolve your issue with USCIS. The CIS Ombudsman will allow exceptions to this requirement only in very limited circumstances.

    Please review the CIS Ombudsman web pages for current information on when we can and cannot help. For example, with few exceptions, the CIS Ombudsman cannot help if:

    • Your case is within published processing times, unless there is a statutory or regulatory processing time requirement.
    • There is no published processing time for the form type, and you have not waited at least six months since filing.
    • USCIS has denied an expedite request.
    • You are seeking legal advice.
    • You are seeking assistance with an issue that does not involve USCIS.
    • You are seeking to change a decision by USCIS, unless the decision is based on a clear error. Submitting DHS Form 7001 does not toll your appeal rights and cannot be substituted for a motion or appeal filing with USCIS.
    • It has been less than 30 calendar days since your congressional representative made an inquiry to USCIS.

    Who May Prepare and Submit a Request for Case Assistance?

    • Applicants and petitioners, as well as attorneys and accredited representatives, may submit a request.
      • Applicant is the individual who signs and applies for an immigration benefit.
      • Petitioner is an employer or individual who files a petition on behalf of a non-U.S. citizen.
      • Beneficiary is the non-U.S. citizen for whom a petition is submitted by an individual or employer.
      • Attorney is an individual authorized to practice law and is a member of the bar in good standing.
      • Accredited Representative is a member of a qualified nonprofit religious, charitable, social service, or similar organization which the U.S. Department of Justice has authorized to provide representation.
    • We cannot assist the beneficiary of a petition unless the petitioner's consent is provided. There are some circumstances where an applicant also needs a petitioner's consent, such as with multiple applications/petitions filed together where the underlying petition has not yet been approved. This is true for both USCIS and the CIS Ombudsman.
      • For example, if a Form I-485 applicant seeks assistance, but the underlying immigrant visa petition (e.g., Forms I-130 or I-140) remains pending, the petitioner of the underlying immigrant visa petition must also provide consent.
    • If you are a family member, congressional representative, or advocate, you must include written consent with a signature from the applicant or petitioner authorizing the CIS Ombudsman to communicate with you about the status of their case.
    • If you are seeking our help with a T/U/VAWA related matter without the assistance of a legal representative, the CIS Ombudsman cannot communicate with you by phone or email. We will send correspondence only to the address listed in the USCIS database as required by law, even if you provide a different address on your DHS Form 7001.
    • The CIS Ombudsman requires consent from each applicant and petitioner.

    Required Information/Documents

    Please have the following information available to complete this form, if applicable:

    • A-Number;
    • USCIS form and receipt number(s) for each application or petition for which you seek our assistance;
    • Correspondence with USCIS (e.g., Form I-797, Notice of Action);
    • USCIS response(s) to inquiry; and
    • Any other information or documentation that is important to the case.

    Form G-28: If you are a legal representative, you must submit the Notice of Entry of Appearance (Form G-28) that you have already submitted to USCIS for the application/petition for which you seek our assistance.

    For expedite requests: If you are requesting expedited assistance, you must submit documentary evidence of the urgency or hardship (e.g., medical records, financial documents, letter from employer, etc.) that demonstrates how the individual or employer will be unable to withstand the hardship. Please do not include private or personally identifiable information that is not relevant to assessing your request.

    How to Submit This Form

    Please submit your completed, signed, and dated DHS Form 7001, including supporting documentation, by one of the following methods:

    • Online: Submit your request for case assistance online. If you are unable to upload all documents, you may submit documents by email to cisombudsman@hq.dhs.gov. Please include the CIS Ombudsman request number received via email after submitting DHS Form 7001 online.
    • Email: If you are outside the United States and unable to access our online case assistance portal, email DHS Form 7001 and all supporting documents to cisombudsman@hq.dhs.gov.

    Only mail or fax documents if you do not have computer access.

    • Fax: (202) 357-0042
    • U.S. Mail:
      Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
      Department of Homeland Security
      Mailstop 0180
      Washington, D.C. 20528

    What Happens After Submitting a Request?

    • Online submissions will receive an automated confirmation email that includes a CIS Ombudsman request number in the subject line.
    • If you submit a paper DHS Form 7001, you will receive a CIS Ombudsman request number by email or mail after we input your information into our system.
    • All requests for case assistance are reviewed to determine if it is appropriate for the CIS Ombudsman to inquire with USCIS. You will be notified if the CIS Ombudsman is unable to make an inquiry or help.
    • We will contact you after our office receives a response from USCIS. There is no need to contact us unless your circumstances have changed. For example, email us if:
      • Your case is resolved by USCIS after you submit a request for case assistance (include your CIS Ombudsman request number); or
      • Your address changes. (Also inform USCIS.)
  • Check all that apply and provide the following information in the box, where applicable:

    • The date and phone number used to call the USCIS Contact Center;
    • The response from USCIS; and
    • The service request or reference/confirmation number, or the representative's name or identification number, as well as the call date and phone number you called from.

    Our office will not contact USCIS on your behalf unless you have indicated prior actions taken with USCIS.

    See the USCIS Contact Us web page for additional information and addresses.

    Requested assistance from USCIS using its e-Request or other online tools, e.g., to request an appointment or interview, correct typographic errors, inquire about delayed delivery of documents, notices, or cards by mail, or if a case is beyond the published processing times
    Emailed USCIS from your registered email address to seek assistance
    Contacted the appropriate USCIS service center
  • Check all that apply and submit a copy of any response received.

    Our office may defer action until USCIS has ruled on your appeal/motion or has responded to the third party.

    Response Received?
    Response Received?
    Response Received?
    Response Received?
  • Check all that apply and provide a clear and concise explanation of the issue and how you would like the CIS Ombudsman to assist.
  • List all applications and/or petitions pending with USCIS related to your request for assistance. Please provide the USCIS receipt date, USCIS form number, and receipt numbers. List all available receipt numbers. The receipt number is in the top left corner of your Notice of Action (USCIS Form I-797). Receipt number format: EAC1012345678; MSC0944556677. Do not include dashes between the characters. If you do not have a receipt number, please provide a USCIS form number and receipt date.

    Check the "Primary" box next to the USCIS receipt number for which you seek assistance.

    Applications/Petitions Filed
    Please follow the USCIS receipt number format of 3 letters followed by 10 numbers.
    more items (Limited to a max of 4)
  • Check the type of immigration benefit sought from USCIS. Select only one.
    Type of Benefit Sought
    (e.g., Forms I-129, I-140, and I-485 based on I-140)
    (e.g., Forms I-130, I-751, and I-485 based on I-130)
    (e.g., Forms I-360 (SIJ, SIV, VAWA), I-589, I-730, I-821D, and I-918)
    (e.g., Form I-539 and related Form I-765 OPT)
    (e.g., Form N-400, MAVNI, and PIP)
  • Identify the individual or employer encountering difficulties with USCIS.

    Please do not list the beneficiary, attorney, or accredited representative here.

    Complete Section 11 to provide beneficiary information.

  • Provide contact information for the individual (applicant/petitioner) or employer encountering difficulties with USCIS.

    If you provide a legal representative's contact information instead of the individual or employer's contact information, you must submit Form G-28. See Section 10.

    NOTE: Keep your address up to date by contacting USCIS.

  • A-
    • Please provide your A-Number, if applicable, to assist with the review of your request.
    • Most A-Numbers are 9 digits and follow the following format: A012-345-678. If yours is 8 digits, please add a zero ("0") before the first number. If USCIS did not assign an A-Number to you, leave this section blank. While this is not a required field, the information provided will assist with our review.
  • Upload additional information related to your case, such as paperwork you submitted to USCIS, documents you received from USCIS, or other information or documentation you feel is important to your case.

    If you are requesting expedited processing, you must submit supporting documentation.

    Include up to 10 attachments and indicate the Document Type below.

    Supporting Documentation
    Allowed file types: doc, docx, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, tif, xls, xlsx
    5 MB max per file and file name may not exceed 60 characters
  • If you are an employer who submitted a Form I-129 or Form I-140 referenced in Section 3 on behalf of a beneficiary, please provide the information requested below, if known. If you submitted a petition that included multiple beneficiaries, such as for H-2A or H-2B visa classifications, list only the workers for whom you need assistance.

    Please add the number of beneficiaries below.

    more beneficiaries (limited to 25)
  • 12. How did you learn about the CIS Ombudsman's casework service?