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Homeland Security

Countering Violent Extremism

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About Fusion Centers

Fusion centers bring critical value and context to homeland security that no other federal, state, or local organization can replicate. 

OCP and CVE Task Force Welcome President Obama's Top Homeland Security Advisor

Lisa Monaco sits at the head of a conference table with many other people from the CVE Task Force. One of the most powerful images I can show people is the front page of the Washington Post in December of 2014.  A photo of two parents, both with downcast eyes and the quote, "We were just frozen," when they learned their three teenagers had run away from home to join Islamic State militants in Syria. This is part of a growing number of Americans who are attempting to travel to Syria or Iraq to join the Islamic State.  And we anticipate more as recruiters from the Islamic State target youth on social media.

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Countering Violent Extremism

Violent extremist threats come from a range of groups and individuals, including domestic terrorists and homegrown violent extremists in the United States, as well as international terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIL. Lone offenders or small groups may be radicalized to commit violence at home or attempt to travel overseas to become foreign fighters. The use of the Internet and social media to recruit and radicalize individuals to violence means that conventional approaches are unlikely to identify and disrupt all terrorist plots.

Boston Marathon Two Years Later…A Coordinated Effort for Security

Today, approximately 30,000 runners and 500,000 spectators gathered for the 119th Boston Marathon. Since the tragic events of April 15, 2013, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and local officials in the Boston area have strengthened partnerships and coordination to improve overall event security.


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