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Homeland Security Enterprise


The Cybersecurity for the Oil and Gas Sector project undertakes collaborative research and development (R&D) efforts to improve the level of cybersecurity in critical systems of interest to the oil and natural gas sector.


The Static Analysis Tools Modernization Project (STAMP) seeks to modernize static code software analysis tools.


DHS S&T and the National Institute of Standards and Technology jointly sponsor the 2018 Global City Teams Challenge, which will focus on designing- cybersecurity into smart-city systems, making them more secure, reliable, resilient and protective of privacy.


Federated Security combines several aspects of the former Moving Target Defense (MTD) and Security for Cloud-based Systems projects with the goal of improving cyber-defensive capabilities through the use of cyber intelligence sharing and incorporating various defensive technologies into federations of enterprises.

Happy Holidays from S&T!

S&T is fortunate to have so many incredibly talented people who put their skills to work on cutting-edge projects, and I’m eager to see what we accomplish together in 2018.


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