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Awareness Training

The Blue Campaign has developed awareness and training materials to help increase awareness and educate on the indicators of human trafficking.

Together We Can Fight Human Trafficking

Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Blue Campaign is launching two new tools to help raise public consciousness of the terrible crime of human trafficking across the Nation.

Combating Human Trafficking: The Blue Campaign’s Efforts in North Dakota

The Department of Homeland Security, through the unified voice of the Blue Campaign, is committed to fighting the heinous crime of human trafficking. The unfortunate reality is that human trafficking occurs here in the United States and – as our public service announcement depicts – it is hidden in plain sight. After I learned about the growing human trafficking problem in North Dakota, particularly in the oil-rich Bakken region following the oil boom, I traveled to Fargo, Dickinson, New Town, and Bismarck to gain a better understanding of the situation on the ground. While there earlier this month, I engaged with federal, state, local, tribal, non-profit, and private sector stakeholders and explored meaningful ways to work together to raise awareness and fight human trafficking in this region. At Blue Campaign we believe that only through the sum of our collective efforts will we succeed in combating this terrible crime.

Written testimony of ICE Director for a Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing titled “Oversight of the Administration’s Misdirected Immigration Enforcement Policies: Examining the Impact of Public Safety and Honoring the Victims”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Sarah Saldaña outlines the role the dedicated men and women of ICE play in the apprehension, detention, and removal of individuals unlawfully present in the United States and the critical work ICE investigators perform to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations operating in and affecting American communities.

Labor Trafficking Motor Coach

This dramatization depicts human trafficking indicators that may be present in bus stations, at ticket counters, and on coaches.

Labor Trafficking: Child Servitude

This dramatization depicts human trafficking indicators that may be present in a residential community, and how they might impact a School Resource Officer.


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