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Ask the Secretary: Benjamin Ball, DHS-HQ

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 16:35


Question from "Ask the Secretary":

Many see the Saint Elizabeth's consolidation as not just practical, but also as a symbolic move to promote one DHS. What is being done to bring Saint Elizabeth's back from the dead?


Benjamin Ball: My name is Ben Ball and I'm with the Visa Waiver Program Office here in the Office of International Affairs.
Madam Secretary, many people see the consolidation of DHS at Saint Elizabeth's as not just a practical move to lower facilities costs, but also as a symbolic move to bring DHS together and promote the idea of One DHS.Madam Secretary, what is being done to bring Saint Elizabeth's back from the dead?

Secretary Napolitano: Well Benjamin, it's not dead, but it is slow. And it's too slow for those of us that are working to build One DHS, and I know many of us are working in less-than optimal settings right now. But the Coast Guard will move, in all likelihood next summer. They have a beautiful building that uses some really cutting edge building techniques, technology, energy supply, and the like. It's really forward-leaning. So, the Coast Guard will move. We are working with the Congress and OMB now to reschedule and reset when other components begin to move into the St. E's campus. Rest assured, I've got my eye on this.

Last Published Date: July 30, 2015
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