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Receive PCII Authorized User Training

If you will be working with Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII), and wish to apply for PCII Authorized User status, you must:

  • Be a Federal, State, tribal, or local government employee (or contractor);
  • Complete training on the proper handling and safeguarding of PCII;
  • Have homeland security responsibilities; and
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement (non-Federal employees only).

Authorized Users

If you become an Authorized User, your access to individual items of PCII will be determined by your need-to-know that information. Becoming an Authorized User is a necessary step to accessing PCII, but it is not the only requirement.

If you are unsure of your entity's status as belonging to either the public sector (e.g. a government entity) or private sector, please contact the Department of Homeland Security PCII Program at

Government contractors must also modify relevant contracts to comply with requirements of the PCII Program. Contract modification is not a prerequisite to accessing PCII; however, the contractor must contractually acknowledge his or her responsibilities with respect to PCII as soon as practicable. The PCII Officer certifies that contractors are engaged in activities supporting their accredited entity.

Please register for access to the PCII Authorized User Training using the link below:

This link will provide access to the PCII Management System (PCIIMS), where you will have to first register before proceeding to the training. Please note that once you reach the point where you can select your appropriate training module, users without a PCIIMS account will be selecting the "New User" Authorized User training. Please also note that becoming a PCII Authorized User does not provide any determination of your need-to-know for any particular item of PCII. The holder of the PCII or an appropriate Federal, State, tribal, or local government official will make this decision each time a request for access to, or disclosure of, PCII is made.

If you run into problems with either the registration process, the Authorized User training, or obtaining a PCII Authorized User Certificate, please contact the PCIIMS Help Desk at or 202-360-3023.

If, after clicking the link, the site doesn't come up at all, check your browser settings and make sure that you check off all boxes for "TLS" and "SSL" security settings. Please note that PCIIMS operates best with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

We greatly appreciate your participation in the PCII Program.

Last Published Date: September 21, 2015

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