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DHS requires significant data sources in order to meet mission needs but not all DHS data is in a form usable by the public.  DHS systems do provide significant data in the form of reports and exchange content between internal and external partners.  Some of this data content may be suitable for exposing to the public and these data sets will be identified in the DHS Data Catalog.

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You will find the latest collection of publicly accessible data at our - page.  Here we have cataloged our collection of data sets and included short descriptions of each data set to help you find what you need.  In addition we have identified a number of other data sites that can be found on the DHS Component websites.  DHS is also developing Web and Mobile Applications (app) to access some of our data sets.  For example FEMA provides a web app to their Disaster Declaration Summaries -  This app allows users to selectively find disaster data using search filters.

You will find the latest collection of Web and Mobile applications at our Citizen Application Directory page. Here we have catalogued our collection by topic and included short descriptions of each tool to help you find what you need. Although most of the applications are web-based tools, there are some mobile applications on the list as well.

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Last Published Date: October 14, 2015

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