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Risk Management Series

The Office of Risk Management and Analysis, in coordination with the Office of Policy, has developed a series of publications that serve as the foundation for integrated risk management at the DHS. Risk Management Fundamentals is the first in the series.

The series is designed to:

  • Promote a common understanding of, and approach to, risk management;
  • Establish organizational practices to be followed by DHS components;
  • Provide a foundation for conducting risk assessments and evaluating risk management options;
  • Set the policy underpinning for institutionalizing a risk management culture through consistent application and training on risk management principles and practices; and
  • Educate and inform homeland security stakeholders in risk management applications, including the assessment of capability, program, and operational performance, and the use of these assessments for resource and policy decisions.

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Risk Management Fundamentals

Risk Management Fundamentals Cover

Download Risk Management Fundamentals
(PDF - 31 pages, 479 KB)

Risk Management Fundamentals: Homeland Security Risk Management Doctrine, establishes principles and practices of homeland security risk management. It is intended for homeland security leaders, program managers, analysts, and operational personnel as they apply risk management to planning, preparing, and executing organizational missions in defense of our nation’s security. As an aspirational picture of homeland security decision-making, this publication should serve as a guide to be applied according to the operating environment.

While Risk Management Fundamentals was developed for DHS, it covers areas of interest to our state, local, tribal, territorial and private sector partners. Effective homeland security requires a holistic approach involving the cooperation of various stakeholders across the homeland security enterprise, and we encourage homeland security partners to review and consider the principles discussed in the document.

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Last Published Date: August 2, 2012
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