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  • Got Milk Security (December 2008): Securing a favorite beverage from farm to fridge (Chemical & Biological)

  • A Breakout Year for CIRT (December 2008): Popular Science magazine picks the Department's super sledgehammer as a best of 2008 (Infrastructure & Geophysical)

  • SQUID (December 2008): Taking out roadblock crashers by the axles (video) (Borders & Maritime)

  • Watching What You Eat (August 2008): Minnesota researchers think about how to prevent food sabotage (Chemical & Biological)

  • The Plum Island Story (August 2008): Protecting America's flora and fauna for more than 50 years (Chemical & Biological)

  • Schooled in Science (July 2008): Using computers to inspire young minds (Command, Control & Interoperability)

  • From the Ground Up (July 2008): Getting technologies to first responders (Infrastructure & Geophysical)

  • Hearing Hurricanes (April 2008): Measuring storm strength by listening underwater (Infrastructure & Geophysical)

  • A Hole New Way (April 2008): Busting through concrete with search-and-rescue technology (video) (Infrastructure & Geophysical)

  • End of the Line (April 2008): A Snapshots update on the fleet of mobile chemical labs (Chemical & Biological)

  • Common Ground (April 2008): A compass to help first responders find a way out of danger (Infrastructure & Geophysical)

  • Unraveling the Net (April 2008): Rethinking the roots, dynamics, and consequences of terrorism (Human Factors)

  • Security From Chaos (March 2008): Research to make random more random (Infrastructure & Geophysical)

  • Reading by Numbers (March 2008): Using math to help predict epidemics (Chemical & Biological)

  • Wireless Stakeout (January/February 2008): Using smartphones to nab suspects (Command, Control & Interoperability)

  • Boys in the Hood (January/February 2008): Protecting the protective service (Infrastructure & Geophysical)

  • The Smaller the Better (January/February 2008): Chemical detection on the go (Chemical & Biological)

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Last Published Date: April 23, 2014
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