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  3. It's Fair, It's Open, and It's Kind of Welcomed with Both Arms

It's Fair, It's Open, and It's Kind of Welcomed with Both Arms

Tech Speak Podcast: Minisode 5. This mini episode brings you to the Maryland State Police Training Academy for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the “Advanced Open/Obstructed Test Proctor Course for Evaluating Drone Capabilities and Remote Pilot Proficiency.” This training is based on standardized test methods developed by S&T and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The course consists of inexpensive materials such as plastic buckets arranged in an easily replicable setup, enabling the consistent certification of drone pilots across various response agencies. Listen now to hear S&T Program Manager Kai-Dee Chu along with colleagues from NIST, U.S. Secret Service, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and Maryland State Police discuss measurement science, testing best practices, and how ingenious courses like this one help make us all safer. Show notes: (DHS Audio by Science & Technology Directorate/Released)

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