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  3. FEMA Remembers 9/11: Tom Fargione

FEMA Remembers 9/11: Tom Fargione

FEMA/Released Acting Regional Administrator Tom Fargione was a police officer with the State of New York during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He was sent to manage and coordinate response activities at ground zero, engaging with leaders at all levels of government and coordinating efforts with local, state and federal agencies. “I'll tell you what stood out. It's two things; a, the humanity of the people that were involved in the moment. I don't care who they were, where they were from. I mean, I even had cab drivers that were smiling and waving ask, ‘Can I help you?’” said Fargione. “And then the other side of that is the resiliency of this city and of this state. It is absolutely remarkable.”