NSI Partners

NSI Partners

NSI PartnersThe NSI is a collaborative effort of a number of federal, state, local, and tribal agencies and organizations with counterterrorism responsibilities.

State, Local, and Tribal Organizations

State, local, and tribal law enforcement organizations have provided ongoing support and input to the development and implementation of the NSI. These organizations have helped to develop training courses for frontline personnel to recognize behavior and incidents indicative of criminal activity associated with terrorism, training for executive leadership regarding the purpose and function of the NSI, and training for analysts to understand what terrorism-related activity is and how to vet SARs. These organizations have also developed multiple resources to assist state, local, and tribal agencies in developing a SAR process.

Federal Partners

Federal partners provide support to state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies and fusion centers as they develop the processes to become a part of the NSI. These federal partners have helped provide the necessary training, technology, and other aspects needed to fully implement a SAR process. Federal partners in the NSI include:

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