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The Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute (HSSAI)

About the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute (HSSAI)

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The Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute (HSSAI), operated by Analytic Services Inc. on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security, is a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) providing independent analyses of homeland security issues.


HSSAI's primary objective in conducting research and analysis is to inform homeland security decisions that shape the nation's future. HSSAI employs a multidisciplinary team approach to address disparate stakeholders' perspectives and solve problems from a systems thinking perspective, integrating policy, economic, technical, operational, and other factors.

HSSAI's mission is to provide the government with the necessary expertise to conduct:

  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Concept of operations (CONOPS) development
  • System evaluations and performance metrics development
  • Operational and workforce analyses
  • Strategic planning, policy, and program development
  • Risk-informed resource analyses
  • Model development

HSSAI's sponsors come from the federal, state, local, tribal, public, and private sector organizations that make up the homeland security enterprise. The Institute's work helps these organizations to minimize risk and better allocate resources toward their mission of securing the homeland.

As a Department of Homeland Security studies and analyses FFRDC, HSSAI continues to:

  • Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of the Department's missions and operations
  • Uphold continuity and currency across the homeland security expertise
  • Remain objective and independent
  • Provide institutional memory
  • Respond quickly and effectively to the Department's emerging needs
  • Serve as a trusted agent, safeguarding all sensitive homeland security-related information, and avoiding actual or perceived conflicts of interest

HSSAI holds itself to a high standard of excellence, striving to provide high quality, innovative, and relevant studies, analyses, and recommendations; remain objective, independent, and balanced; define problems and objectives and state assumptions clearly in order to design sound analytical approaches; perform reliable, original, and well-documented research of exceptional quality, yielding relevant information from vetted sources.

Organization and Staff

The Institute's leadership team is headed by Director Dr. Philip Anderson who is supported by an executive leadership team consisting of Mission Area Directors, a Research Director and a Director of Business Operations.

HSSAI's projects are divided into three mission areas - counterterrorism, borders, and immigration; resilience and emergency preparedness/response; and departmental integration/unification - which are based on the Department's missions described in the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review. To efficiently and effectively staff these projects, the workforce is divided into six divisions: Business Enterprise Analysis, Human Systems, Operational Analysis, Policy Analysis, Program Analysis, and Threat and Risk Analysis.

These divisions promote the development and employment of over 130 analysts representing a unique collection of talent and homeland security expertise. With experience predating the earliest days of DHS, the staff is the collective heart and mind of the longstanding relationships between HSSAI and its sponsors. Over 85 percent of the analysts hold advanced degrees and more than 23 percent hold doctorates in a wide variety of academic disciplines, including the physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, operations analysis, economics, business and finance, social and behavioral science, and computer science.

Analytic Services Inc.

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Analytic Services Inc. is an independent public service institute that supports vast array of public sector clients in the national security, homeland security and broader policy communities. Incorporated in California in 1958 as a not-for-profit corporation- which quickly became known as ANSER, the current designation of the primary operating unit. Other Analytic Services units include the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute and the Applied Systems Thinking (ASysT) Institute. The company is governed by a diverse and active Board of Trustees from both the public and private sectors.

Today Analytic Services still adheres to the principles established in 1958:

  • Striving for excellence in everything, with an uncompromising commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards
  • Service-oriented culture tailored to each client's needs
  • Dedicated to creative thinking, clear communication, and operational flexibility
  • Devoted to continuous learning while maintaining a base of employees who are undeterred by the challenges associated with enhancing their professional standing
  • Informing decision that shape the nation's future

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Last Published Date: April 12, 2013
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