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  3. COVID-19 Update 13 - Generosity Matters

COVID-19 Update 13 (Generosity Matters) from the Chief Human Capital Officer

Release Date: April 29, 2020

It is hard to believe that May arrives this week. You’ve lived through the April showers and if you are like me, you are looking forward to the May flowers. Metaphorically speaking, I suppose that’s a really good way to look at where we are with the COVID-19 curve, too. These storms lead to powerful renewal. There’s something about a dogwood tree displaying its pink and white blooms, and flowers—which I forgot I planted—popping up through the earth, that reminds me that with time, even those things that rocked my world, can heal and begin anew.

Your emails to me last week are also a powerful reminder of the generous spirit that endures within DHS. You serve lunch and dinner to first responders, healthcare workers, and the homeless, even after a long day at work yourself; you’ve deployed to several areas devastated by major hurricanes, and helped to rebuild an island’s community spirit; you’ve started and run non-profits to help educate, clothe, and house those wanting a life that is not filled with violence; you run errands and get groceries for your elderly neighbors, and drop off cupcakes on your supervisor’s porch to thank him for supporting you; you’ve created “spirit weeks” to showcase your spirit throughout the challenging weeks; you created virtual Kids’ Days, to let the children and pets be a part of the work day, rather than push them aside; you’ve reciprocated with food banks to help those struggling in the airline community; and you’ve served alongside the US Army as an interpreter in Iraq, and after immigrating to the United States now proudly serve your Nation through your dedication to the DHS mission. Your generosity matters!

There are countless examples of how you give back to your family, your colleagues, community, and the world at large in ways that are both admirable and selfless. Never underestimate the power of your generosity. When you place your attention on your heart, breathe into it, and ask yourself, how can I give, how can I share my gifts, how can I radiate abundance and kindness, you raise your inner strength. When you have an open heart, you will find you are able to go about your daily activities with an inquisitive mind on how you can be generous and how you can share. That smile you gave to the young cashier at the grocery checkout was exactly what she needed; the word of encouragement you provided to your struggling 6-year-old was exactly what he needed; the well-timed text that you sent your wife because you could sense she was having a difficult day was exactly what she needed; when you held the hand of the rescued child, covered in chicken pox, it was exactly what she needed; asking the elderly man if he needed any help while going through the security checkpoint was exactly what he needed; and the handwritten card you sent, knowing it would arrive at the end of a long, hard week, was exactly what your colleague needed. It’s like you’re giving drive-by optimism and positivity, and when you give generosity and kindness—and resist prejudice and fear—you will find that the universe will respond. (Note to self: do not smile at the grass…it makes it grow too much, and I’m tired of mowing already!)

There are other ways we can “show our love” as well, with the CFC opening up a special campaign to help those less fortunate during this COVID-19 pandemic. And if you are in need of help yourself, please do not hesitate to reach out to a friend, colleague, your supervisor, or our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP’s services are available 24 hours a day and are confidential, free, and do not affect your security clearance. These services can be provided remotely, either through video chat or over the phone (worklife@hq.dhs.gov if you need more information). A special resource page has been developed by the local EAP to put these resources at your fingertips.

Thank you for reminding me that there are countless ways to elevate our human experience, through the enduring generosity of your caring and compassion.

Angela Bailey
Chief Human Capital Officer

Last Updated: 04/30/2020
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