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CHCO's Blog - Changing Your Reality

Release Date: October 27, 2020

Change the way you think, and you will change your reality. Before science validated the concept, we’ve always somehow known that not all that we see is in fact what we see. Sometimes our mind plays games with us and sometimes our perceptions are simply wrong. Where we see fine lines around our mouth, a friend sees a radiant smile; where we see a painful event from the past, a colleague sees a strong resolve to tackle any challenge; and where we see a less-than-gourmet meal of chicken nuggets, a child sees a full and happy tummy. I read one time, ‘would you give a friend the same “talk” you give yourself?’

Sometimes the way we think and what we tell ourselves is all that stands between us and our greatness. If you’re being challenged or feel that there’s a lack of clarity and direction in your life at the moment, there’s a good chance the way you’re thinking or what you’re focusing on has a lot to do with that reality. Where we put our focus is where our energy flows. Open your eyes and your mind, going beyond the limits you have set for yourself and recognize that the way you see the world is how you will experience the world.

See your smile…it is radiant! See your resolve…it is strong! See your child…she is happy!  See yourself with infinite opportunities…you’ve got this!

Last Updated: 10/27/2020
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