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CHCO Blog - What Do You Choose to See?

Release Date: January 26, 2021

We often look for joy, for happiness, for abundance in our lives. What if we looked at the world instead with joy, with happiness, and with abundance? Would we see a different world? I think so!

Think about the number of times you longed or searched for something or someone only to realize when it was finally gained that it didn’t bring you the kind of joy, happiness, or abundance you really wanted. This reminds me of the movie “Soul,” by Disney. The young man wanted so badly to be a musician like his father. He searched and searched for the right opportunity. And once he obtained it,he realized that what really brought him joy and happiness and even abundance was sharing his life with others, lifting others up, and giving others a chance.

When we look for a new opportunity to bring us joy, perhaps instead we can see with joy the opportunities that are bestowed on us today; and perhaps instead of looking for happiness through our interaction with others, we find happiness by sitting with ourselves and listening to the whispers of intuition that come our way; and I’m sure the abundance we look for in our daily lives through a raise, new house, new car, or even a new blouse, might actually be found in the abundance of love we have with our family and friends.

Seek and you shall find is certainly true, but what you choose to see while on your journey is what will make all the difference in the world!

Last Updated: 01/26/2021
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