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CHCO Blog - Clarity Within

CHCO Blog - Clarity Within

Angela Bailey
Chief Human Capital Officer

We often seek clarity, or an explanation, or even a higher meaning to events, relationships, and circumstances that go on in our lives. And even at times we believe such clarity can be found in a big “ah-ha” moment, or some other grand and spectacular revelation. But the truth is, the clarity that is most profound is that which comes from within ourselves; when we sit quietly and ask our heart the questions and then let the whispers from deep within our soul to provide us the answers. Sometimes it takes hours, days, even months to clearly see the path forward—to understand that our soul has been guiding us all along. We simply were ignoring it, or worse yet, delegating the advice and counsel to some external source, rather than taking responsibility for our own advice. While there’s nothing at all wrong with consulting with friends, families, and experts, we also need to have faith in our own wisdom and remind ourselves that no one, but ourselves, truly has the answers. This is your life—this is your destiny—this is your path—believe in yourself, trust in yourself, and the answers will come to you. Once you receive those answers, be courageous and take steps to deliver on those promises to yourself—you deserve it.


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