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CHCO Blog - Connections

CHCO Blog - Connections

Angela Bailey
Chief Human Capital Officer

There are many connections we make along our journey through life. Some are heart-to-heart, some soul-to-soul, and some are fleeting sparks of connection based merely on knowing that in that one moment of time we shared something in common. And that something in common is what binds us together, no matter our past or our future. We can connect over the simplest of circumstances. Perhaps it is a smile that says, yes, I too feel the beat of the drum or even clapping in unison when a goal is scored.

And all of those small connections expand our awareness and prepare us for the much larger connections—the ones where our heart goes out to the mother found on the edge of the Mexico and Texas border, clinging desperately to her child—because at the end of the day, when we cross our own border between work and home, we too feel the need to cling desperately to our child, if only to say, I’m so glad you’re safe and I love you. 

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