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CHCO Blog - Fulfilling Your Dreams

CHCO Blog - Fulfilling Your Dreams

Angela Bailey
Chief Human Capital Officer

Perhaps like me, as a child you used to gaze up into the sky and wish upon a star. And with pure innocence, we actually believed that wish would come true. And then we grew up. We forgot, with all that is going on in our lives, that once upon a time we had a wish, a dream, a goal, and a vision. Looking back we blush at how ostentatious we were, and we blush more, knowing that we believed that it would come true.

But why not dream? Why not believe it will come true? Is there really anything stopping us from achieving those seemingly unachievable goals? What if we changed the conversation with ourselves and said instead, “yes, it’s a big dream, but hey, I’m going for it.” Look up into the sky, find a beautiful star, and make your biggest wish. You’re worth the investment in your goals. You deserve to have the blessings that will come from filling your dreams. All you have to do is believe, in you!


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