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Stopping Terrorism and Homeland Security Threats

Stopping Terrorism and Homeland Security Threats

A big part of the DHS mission is to stop terrorists from attacking us before they can start. DHS has some very smart people working behind the scenes to make sure we stay two steps ahead of the terrorists. How?

Collect Information About Terrorists

DHS works with state, federal, and international agencies to gather information about terrorists or anyone else who might want to harm our country, no matter where they are in the world.

Find and Stop Terrorists

DHS does everything possible to find and stop terrorists before they can even begin to plan an attack. DHS experts work with law enforcement agencies in the United States and around the world, sharing knowledge, other helpful things, and doing whatever it takes to keep us safe.

Protect American Leaders and Keep Important Events Safe

DHS protects the President, Vice President, and other leaders from our country, and protects foreign leaders when they visit. DHS protects government employees and buildings across the country, from Washington, DC, to Honolulu, Hawaii. And when the Super Bowl, New Year’s Eve in Times Square, or another big event happens, DHS is there, making sure everyone is safe.

Using Technology to Stop Terrorists

DHS uses all kinds of technology to keep us safe. The Department of Homeland Security regularly uses drones, satellites, computers, sensors, artificial intelligence, and even newer technologies to stop terrorist plots. DHS also studies these different technologies to learn how to prevent them from being used against us.

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