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ST Biometric Technology Rally

This paper provides a better understanding of how biometric systems work in- high-throughput, public environments like airports and border crossings.  Biometric systems include both face acquisition systems (i.e., cameras) and face recognition algorithms. This report measured the performance of 10 commercial face acquisition systems and 8 face recognition algorithms on 430 diverse people in an operationally relevant scenario test, simulating an airport biometric checkpoint.

S&T Biometric Technology Center Factsheet

The Biometric and Identity Technology Center focuses on methods, tools, and technologies to recognize individuals and protect sensitive personal information through advanced biometrics and other capabilities.

DHS, USCIS to Modernize, Define the Collection of Biometrics

The Department of Homeland Security today announced the imminent publication of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes expanding department authorities and methods for collecting biometrics that will establish a defined regulatory purpose for biometrics.

Privacy Technology Demonstration

Video technologies can enhance public safety and security, however there are legitimate concerns that these surveillance capabilities could be misused to recognize and track individuals. DHS is engaging industry to develop and evaluate capabilities to address public concerns and still enable public safety organizations to safeguard our homeland. 

Privacy Information

Privacy is an integral part of the Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), formerly US-VISIT, and it is essential to the program mission. OBIM takes privacy into account from conception through planning and development, and during the execution of every aspect of the OBIM program.

Biometric Identity Management Identification Services

The Office of Biometric Identity Management ‘s (OBIM), formerly US-VISIT, use of biometrics is helping to make travel simple, easy and convenient for legitimate visitors, but virtually impossible for those who wish to do harm or violate U.S. laws.

Office of Biometric Identity Management

The Office of Biometric Identity Management provides biometric match, store, share, and analyze services to DHS and mission partners. The need for biometrics continues to grow among DHS Components; interagency stakeholders (e.g., the Departments of State, Justice, and Defense); State, local, tribal and territorial entities; the Intelligence Community; and international mission partners. Biometrics support critical national security priorities, including counterterrorism and immigration. OBIM is focused on delivering accurate, timely, and high assurance biometric identity information and analysis. OBIM’s overall goals and priorities include continuing to improve biometric services and access to expanded biometric data to enable DHS operational missions.


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