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Aug 29

New York City Police Department Captain Dan Dooley discusses his work on the Narcotics, VICE, and Gang Squad in South Manhattan along with his take on becoming a member of the First Responder Resource Group.

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Using Social Media Platforms to Spark #Innovation

Author: Dr. Reginald Brothers

Innovation is the driving force behind the work we do here at DHS S&T, and we know that it doesn’t happen in a bubble. The next big idea could come from anywhere. 

That’s why we are fostering conversations that anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Periscope account can join. We host a live social media event each month to showcase projects, discuss topics of interest, and gather feedback.  This allows more people to participate outside of our conference rooms here in Washington or event halls across the nation, and we are able to share important issues with a broader audience. We want to erase all geographical barriers between our stakeholders, innovators, industry partners and our program managers and leaders here at S&T.

For example, a few weeks ago we hosted a Facebook Live broadcast of a Next Generation First Responder panel discussion at the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials conference in Florida.  Viewers from around the nation watched, posed questions, and were able to hear panelists respond in real-time.  And the discussion didn’t end when the panel ended. Thanks to social media, we can continue that and other discussions indefinitely.

That’s a win-win for an innovative organization like S&T.

Interacting in a digital environment allows us to engage with people where they are and have a more conversational discussion.  Viewers can post questions and provide instant feedback, which helps us better understand what’s driving the national conversation and identify opportunities for new solutions or technologies.

You can be one of those viewers or participants!

Looking ahead, we have several live social media events on the horizon.  In September, we will host a Facebook Town Hall discussion at the Cyber Security SBIR Workshop, and Dr. Bob Griffin’s presentation will be available through a Periscope broadcast.  In October, S&T will host another Facebook Town Hall to discuss the Cyber Physical Systems Security program’s work in developing technologies to defend government and privately-owned vehicles from cyber-attacks.  In November we invite you to join us as we discuss International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation topics, including capability gaps, initiatives, and solutions from around the world. I hope you’ll join these important discussions and help us promote innovation!

For more information on these and other upcoming events, I encourage you to like the DHS S&T Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Periscope. All accounts can be found using @DHSSciTech.  Your participation can help as we continue to explore new ideas and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible!

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