Border Security

Border Security

A boat moves through the water.

The Department of Homeland Security secures the borders, territorial waters, ports, terminals, waterways, and air, land, and sea transportation systems of the United States. The Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) invests in border security research and development for technologies; provides solutions to prevent illicit movement and illegal entry or exit of people, weapons, dangerous goods, and contraband; works closely with border and immigration officials to understand how technology can help support their missions and overcome challenges; and manages risks posed by people and goods in transit. 

The following S&T programs focus on securing the nation’s borders on land, sea, and sky while deterring illegal trafficking of goods and people into the U.S. 

Visit S&T Impact: Borders and Ports of Entry to watch video and learn how the technologies and capabilities we deliver keep our borders and ports safe!

Learn more about our R&D mission and discover how you can Work with S&T to help strengthen the nation's homeland security!

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