Technology Centers

Technology Centers

While Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) programs  focus on different topics—screening, border control, floods, bioterrorism, the next generation first responder and others—they will all share common infrastructure requirements. S&T's Technology Centers tap S&T subject matter experts and technology developers to provide program-specific support. Their primary role is to provide a centralized suite of reusable products and support services individually tailored to the S&T program needs by identifying and sharing best practices, subject matter expertise, knowledge products and technical services. This allows program managers to focus on big-picture, new technology development while they address individual requirements and generally advance the state of technology for all of S&T in their field.

Technology Centers

BESS-ESocial Sciences (SS-TC) will analyze the social and behavioral implications of new technologies, programs and policies to support their research, implementation and diffusion.

IDAM-EBiometrics and Identity (BI-TC) will inform applications of biometric technology to specific operational use cases across the Homeland Security Enterprise.

CN-EOffice for Interoperability and Compatibility (OIC-TC) provides integrated networking solutions, ensuring interoperable communication across all network platforms.

DA-EData Analytics (DA-TC) uses emerging storage, security, computation and analytics technologies to create information leverage and rapidly convert data to decisions for Homeland Security systems, missions and operations.

MS-EModeling and Simulation (MS-TC)  provides a repository for mission based models as well as modeling and simulation tools.

SANDS-ESensors and Platforms (SP-TC) provides Apex programs with assured, secure access to databases (or knowledge bases), modeling and simulation tools and shared situational awareness.

hazmat iconHazard Awareness and Characterization (HAC-TC) studies emerging chemical, biological, and explosives (CBE) threats, and conducts basic research to understand the characteristics of CBE agents to inform DHS preparedness against potential future threats and incidents. 

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