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Science and Technology S&T Engine: Modeling and Simulation

S&T Engine: Modeling and Simulation

Through the Modeling and Simulation Engine (MS-E), the most up to date modeling and simulation (M&S) know-how will be made available to S&T programs. A key focus of MS-E will be to ensure that best practices in M&S are implemented across S&T programs.   

Description and Approach

MS-E identifies, prioritizes, and executes initiatives in the M&S domain required by programs. MS-E provides programs with domain-specific subject matter expertise (SME) pertaining to M&S tools, techniques, and trends and serves as a collaborative gateway to the wider M&S community.  The MS-E team draws its knowledge from industry, academia, and government M&S resources and maintains visibility of current and emerging capabilities in the field. MS-E also maintains access to repositories of mission-based models and M&S tools. This repository allows for the categorization of models and simulation tools to ensure that organizational M&S knowledge is retained and easily accessible. 

Key Activities

  • Engage DHS PM’s in analyzing and establishing M&S requirements and supporting PM’s in the appropriate application of M&S within their programs.
  • Coordinate with Engines and other S&T organizations to meet program needs.
  • Provide M&S SME through technical assistance and/or leveraging collaborative relationships (COTS/GOTS tools, external organization expertise, etc.) to achieve program missions.
  • Support the development of M&S support plans and requirements forecasting.
  • Provide core in-house execution capabilities through use of existing tools and resources; surge as needed to support programs and other Engines.
  • Maintain situational awareness of M&S trends and advancements; support industry/academia/government collaboration in the area of M&S as pertinent to DHS.
  • Develop and sustain a DHS M&S repository enhancing situational awareness and collaboration.
  • Establish an M&S Working Group “Community of Interest.”

Requirements and Risk Analysis

MS-E provides requirements and risk analysis (RRA) support to S&T programs.  By partnering with program managers, SME’s, and the user community, MS-E ensures traceability of requirements through the program lifecycle and ensures technical and programmatic risks are effectively managed.

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