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Physical Security and Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Physical Security and Critical Infrastructure Resilience

The Science and Technology Directorate  (S&T) invests in research and development technologies, methods, and procedures to enhance the physical security of the nation’s critical infrastructure, which includes our air travel system, mass transportation systems, and schools, as well as soft targets such as mass public gatherings. 

S&T also conducts research and development test and evaluation to analyze the foreign influence spectrum, i.e., how it can impact critical functions, such as the media and elections and what can be done to prevent it. This research will enable policymakers and operational end-users to make informed decisions to mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance community resilience in the face of various physical, social, and behavioral threats. 

Programs include: 

Visit S&T Impact: Critical Incidents to watch video and learn more about how our research and development efforts help the nation prepare for and respond to critical incidents.

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