The Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) fosters the tools, technologies, and knowledge products needed to secure our nation.  

Science and Technology Infographic. Securing our homeland with Science and Technology  63% improvement for border agent performance (Sign Cutting and Tracking Training), Over 18,000 garments made available (Wildland Firefighter Gear), 1,173 accounts receiving free virtual active shooter training (EDGE), $1.55 million opioid detection global prize competition held, 211 explosive canine teams’ performance evaluated (REDDI), 90-minute turnaround for identity verification (Rapid DNA), 475 victims saved from child sex trafficking (CHEXIA), 140 assessments conducted for 732 commercial products (SAVER), 15% increase in imposter detection (Eye-Dentify), 1,050 SAFETY Act applications approved, and $2.3 million awarded through U.S. and Israeli collaboration (BIRD). U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology seal and logo. S&T’s website address ( S&T social media logo (Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Instagram, handle dhsscitech)S&T's research is driven by the Department of Homeland Security's core mission areas. Our program managers, scientists, engineers, technology specialists, and subject matter experts work directly with DHS component agencies, first responders at all levels, emergency management and public safety personnel, and operators in the field to understand their unique needs and challenges. 

We are in the business of identifying and delivering innovative solutions. Some, cultivated by our Technology Centers, may be commercially-available or nearly market-ready. In other cases, we collaborate with partners from a broad network of federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments; our national laboratories; industry innovators; academia and international agencies to pinpoint capability gaps and build technologies and publish guidance to address them.

Throughout the entire research and development (R&D) lifecycle, we strive to connect partners with end-users across the nation to ensure our products can be transitioned to the commercial market for operational use.


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