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DHS Data

DHS and its components provide access to statistical reports and machine readable data sets. These datasets are available in the DHS section of and follow the guiding principles set in the DHS Digital Government strategy.

Below are links to some of the datasets indicated as high-value by user views.

My DHS Idea LIghtbulbOne of the main goals of DHS Open Data is to facilitate the release of DHS high-value datasets whenever possible. High-value datasets include data that: were previously not provided but increase accountability and responsiveness, increase public knowledge, further the core mission of DHS, create economic opportunity or respond to identified needs or demands. DHS will continue to make more datasets available as we follow our process for identifying and approving the release of high-value datasets. If you have ideas or suggestions for new datasets or datasets you have seen on one of the DHS web sites you can email your ideas to

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Contact Us:
Chief Data Officer: Mike Horton
Deputy Chief Data Officer: Carlene Ileto
Evaluation Officer: Michael Stough
Statistical Official: Marc Rosenblum

Last Published Date: November 12, 2021

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