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Airport Security

Protecting Air Travelers and the American Public

Protecting Air Travelers and the American Public

While the overall risk to ordinary Americans remains low, there are communities where the virus is spreading. Additionally, for those over 50-years old and with existing medical conditions, it is advisable to limit travel and take protective measures.

News Release: DHS Awards London-based Start-Up $160K

DHS S&T awarded $160,902 to London-based startup CrowdVision Ltd. to develop an integrated proof-of-concept for an airport passenger counting and measuring system for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

S&T ARMOR Fact Sheet

The Assistant for Randomized Monitoring Over Routes (ARMOR) tool prevents criminals and terrorists from predicting where and when security patrols will conduct their rounds or set up checkpoints. The Los Angeles Airport (LAX) police, Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) are all using versions of ARMOR.

S&T VAST Fact Sheet

The Video Analytic Surveillance Transition (VAST) project uses advanced video analytics to solve key technical challenges in detecting and tracking potential risks in vulnerable venues. This project is focusing on identifying counter-flow within a defined area (in-the-exit) and tagging and tracking a person-of-interest moving through a defined space across multiple cameras (tag-and-track). The system must identify an individual within a single camera’s view as well as reidentify that same individual in each sequential camera’s view.

Snapshot: Prototype Shoe Scanner May Improve Security

S&T is working on a millimeter wave technology for screening shoes as part of the larger Screening at Speed Program to improve detection of current and emerging threats to aviation and to improve the passenger experience in the airport.


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