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ST-DHS SBIR Success Story Lost Person Locator for First Responders

This success story highlights the DHS SBIR company dbS Productions of Charlottesville, Virginia, who developed an innovative and life-saving software application that enables first responders to easily see a heat map showing the area of probability for the missing person.

Funding Innovation

DHS S&T has unique tools for working with many different private sector entities. The contracting mechanisms and funding opportunities managed by S&T support our partnership goals with the private sector to further homeland security R&D needs. 

Letter to DHS Contractors Regarding COVID-19

Thank you for all you do for DHS! As the Chief Procurement Officer, I am reaching out to all contractors who have employees working in DHS facilities. I want to make sure you are aware of the current health and safety precautions for novel Coronavirus, called COVID-19.

Notice to Contractors Regarding Access to DHS facilities

In furtherance of the Office of Management and Budget guidance issued March 15, 2020, and updated March 16, 2020, all DHS Components must maintain safe working environments and implement substantial mitigation strategies.

ST-Technology Scouting Reports

The reports found below are a result of technology evaluations that leverage the expertise and networks within S&T to gain access and insight into emerging solutions across laboratories, academia, interagency partners and private industry and with international partners.

TIES: Technology and Innovation Exchanges Advancing Detection Canine Research and Development December 10, 2019 8:00am - 1:00pm Herndon, Virginia

Technology and Innovation Exchanges Advancing Detection Canine R&D

Northern VA, December 10, 2019 -- DHS S&T hosted the TIES: Advancing Detection Canine R&D engagement focusing on the DHS S&T Detection Canine Program’s operational mission to provide the tools, techniques and knowledge to better understand, train and utilize detection canine teams.


ST - First Responder FY 18-19 Capability Gaps

 The capability gaps or Statements of Objectives (SOO) developed as a result of these meetings help determine how S&T engages with business, industry, innovation and academia partners, and ultimately how S&T provides first responders the tools they need to protect communities and stay safe while performing their duties.

Accessibility Requirements

Accessibility Requirements

Learn about DHS Section 508 accessibility requirements for information and communications technology products and services.


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