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Central American Conference (CentAM)

Building Capacity to Fight Corruption and Impunity

This afternoon, delegates from the United States, Mexico, Central America and other international partners discussed the key to ensuring security in the region: strong judicial systems that prosecute crime thus deterring illegal behavior. The U.S. commended regional governments' fight against corruption at all levels of society, which demonstrates a commitment to governance, transparency, and strong institutions.

United States Key Deliverables for the June 15-16, 2017 Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, and Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin co-hosted the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America in Miami, Florida on June 15-16, 2017 with Mexican Foreign Secretary Videgaray Caso, Interior Secretary Osorio Chong, and Secretary of Finance José Antonio Meade Kuribeña, and attended by President Jimmy Morales of Guatemala, President Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras, and Vice President Oscar Ortiz of El Salvador. 

Improving Citizen Security Session

Citizens deserve the right to live free of violence, and free of the threat of violence in times of peace. With this in mind, this afternoon featured a session on improving public safety in the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Panelists discussed this topic in the context of regional security and cooperation, building upon earlier discussions about combating organized crime and transnational criminal networks and enhancing border security.

Central American Conference in Miami Turns a Cold Eye on Drugs

Neither the United States nor its Latin American neighbors can have peace or prosperity until they get control of the illegal drugs that flow among them, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly told regional leaders as the second day of the Conference on Security and Prosperity in Central America got under way Friday.

Combating Organized Crime and Regional Security Cooperation Readout

One of the greatest threats to security in the Western Hemisphere is Transnational Criminal Organizations, or TCOs. With no regard for human life, TCOs move anything and everything through their dark networks—including weapons, counterfeit goods, and smuggled and trafficked persons. They play a large role in the North American drug epidemic—a crisis that claimed more than 60,000 lives in 2016, the highest level in history. 


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