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Climate Change

DHS Actions: Climate Change

DHS Actions: Climate Change

The climate crisis poses a multi-level threat to the American people, the global community, and DHS operations at home and abroad. It is vital for the Department to provide leadership and act to minimize its own environmental impact, to promote resilience against the risks posed by climate change, and to facilitate adaptation, so as to reduce harms and threats to the American people and abroad.

DHS Climate Change Action Group

Climate Change Action Group

The DHS Climate Change Action Group is a coordinating body comprised of the Department’s senior leadership that drives urgent action to address the climate crisis and reports directly to the Secretary.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Environmental Justice Annual Implementation Report for FY2020

integration of environmental justice principles throughout the enterprise and at all levels of government. Chaired by the EPA with participation from 16 federal agencies and the White House, the Environmental Justice Intra-agency Working Group strives to engage and support local communities in addressing environmental and human health impacts of federal programs, policies, and activities by promoting comprehensive solutions for addressing environmental justice.

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