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Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen to Travel to Mexico

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen will travel to Mexico City, Mexico from March 26 – 27 to participate in bilateral meetings with Secretary of Interior Alfonso Navarrete Prida and Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Videgaray Caso.

Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act

This Department of Homeland Security (DHS) publication focuses on CAATSA Title III Section 321, which affects the entry of merchandise with a connection to North Korean nationals or citizens. CAATSA stresses the need for comprehensive due diligence by and on behalf of U.S. companies involved in importing goods. Careful consideration of, and reasonable care with respect to, the different risks presented in your supply chain should always be taken into account when importing into the United States.

DHS Launches Known Employer Pilot Program

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced the launch of a Known Employer pilot to assess a new process for employers seeking to hire certain workers through employment-based visa categories.

Statement By Secretary Jeh C. Johnson On The Trade Promotion Authority

The Department of Homeland Security plays a critical role in enforcing trade laws that protect the public health and safety of American consumers. Every day, DHS personnel serving at our nation’s border facilitate billions of dollars in imports and exports and help ensure that American businesses get the benefit of all the economic opportunities the United States has negotiated over the years. From this unique vantage point, we recognize the importance of comprehensive, enforceable trade agreements to global trade and national economic competitiveness.

DHS' Progress in 2011: Providing Essential Support to National and Economic Security

DHS leads and supports many activities that provide essential support to national and economic security including, but not limited to: maximizing collections of customs revenue; maintaining the safety and security of the marine transportation system; preventing the exploitation of children; providing law enforcement training; and coordinating with the Federal Government’s response to global intellectual property theft. DHS contributes in many ways to these elements of broader U. S. national and economic security while fulfilling its other five homeland security missions.


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