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First Responder Resource Group (FRRG)

ST - First Responder FY 18-19 Capability Gaps

 The capability gaps or Statements of Objectives (SOO) developed as a result of these meetings help determine how S&T engages with business, industry, innovation and academia partners, and ultimately how S&T provides first responders the tools they need to protect communities and stay safe while performing their duties.

Snapshot: First Responder Resource Group Annual Meeting

FRRG is an all-volunteer working group that includes 150 members of state, local, federal and tribal law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency medical services, emergency management and other disciplines. Its mission is to help S&T maximize first responder safety, effectiveness, and preparedness in the field.

Responder Spotlight: Randall T. Sterett

Meet Bomb Technician and First Responder Resource Group (FRRG) member Randall T. Sterett, a 30-year veteran of Orange County (CA) Sheriff’s Department.

Responder Spotlight: Jeremy DeMar

S&T’s First Responders Group relies on experienced emergency response and preparedness professionals—the First Responder Resource Group—to guide its research and development efforts. Meet one of the group’s newest members: Jeremy DeMar, public safety emergency communications supervisor at the Rochester (New York) Emergency Communications Department and Monroe County 911 Center.

Responder News: FRRG Spotlight - Jill Ramaker

The DHS S&T FRG relies on experienced emergency response and preparedness professionals to guide its research and development efforts. The First Responder Resource Group (FRRG) fills that role.

Snapshot: FRRG A Valuable Resource for Science and Technology

One of the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) core missions is to develop new technologies for first responders and then transition it to the commercial market. In order to accomplish this, the First Responders Group (FRG) is reliant on the help of first responders from across the United States. It is their firsthand experience, insights, and expertise that allows S&T to conceptualize and evaluate first responder technologies.


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