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First Responders

S&T Preparing for Rad Incident Recovery Fact Sheet

Following a radiological incident – such as a radiological dispersal device (RDD) detonation – community leaders would face many challenges, from determining the boundaries of potential radioactive contamination spread to restoring public access to those areas. 

Portrait photo of a firefighter

In Their Own Words: Testimonials

Firefighters share stories from their own experiences about why POINTER is so vital, how it works, and how this technology will save lives.

S&T’s 2021 Wrapped

An analysis of our top content for 2021 reveals what topics resonated most with our audiences.

First Responder Capability R&D Activities

In close partnership with first responders at all levels, S&T provides technical assistance and develops innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges faced during day-to-day and large-scale emergencies in order to strengthen the abilities of our communities to protect the homeland and respond to disasters.


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