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Low-Cost Flood Sensors Innovation for Dam Safety Monitoring

The Kentucky Department of Water (KYDOW) authored this report of their findings while working in partnership with DHS S&T. The report outlines the process that KYDOW followed to test a series of low-cost flood sensors (LCS) at four pilot locations throughout the state of Kentucky. First, the report describes the site selection process and the factors that needed to be considered for successful installation of the LCS. Then, KYDOW describes the steps they took for data collection and the successes and challenges that they faced through the data collection process. Finally, KYDOW provides the results of their pilot with LCS along with their recommendations. This report should be used as a reference for similar Federal, State, local, tribal, or private entities that wish to use LCS to mitigate flood-associated hazards through real-time monitoring of water levels in at-risk areas.

ST Low-Cost Flood Sensors: Performance Analysis

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) authored this report under a partnership with DHS S&T. This report details the installation and operation of 93 “beta” prototype low-cost flood sensors (LCS) in Mecklenburg County during the second year of the partnership.

ST Low Cost Flood Sensors: Urban Installation Guidebook

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) authored this guidebook under a partnership with DHS S&T. The guidebook details the CMSWS experience deploying and testing the “alpha” prototypes of the low-cost flood sensors (LCS) at locations in Mecklenburg County.

S&T FRG Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services Partnering to Plan for Flood Risk Fact Sheet

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (SWS) is a joint municipal/county storm water utility that includes Charlotte, the surrounding towns of Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill and Pineville and Mecklenburg County. The role of SWS is to provide year-round management of runoff from rainfall, reduce flooding, restore floodplains and protect the water quality of surface waters county-wide.


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