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S&T is committed to providing the best scientific, R&D, and test and evaluation support to find innovative and cutting-edge technology for our DHS partners. One such resource is DHS’s work with In-Q-Tel (IQT). IQT is the independent, non-profit strategic investor for the CIA and the broader U.S. Intelligence Community – including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

S&T joined the IQT model as a full member in 2009 and collaborates with DHS partners to source cutting-edge technology and provide insights on emerging technology, market trends, and global competitiveness. On average, IQT evaluates technology from more than 2,000 startup companies annually.

ST-Internet Infrastructure Risk Economics Research Issue Brief

This issue brief focuses on raising awareness of the state of affairs regarding internet infrastructure risk assessment and related supply chain accountability. In particular, the brief highlights the role of research and development (R&D) in identifying and understanding the existing and emerging vulnerabilities and threats to internet infrastructure to inform effective internet infrastructure risk management.

S&T CRC Fact Sheet

The CRC conducts research and education to enhance the resilience of people, infrastructure, economies, and the natural environment from the impacts of coastal hazards such as floods and hurricanes.

S&T FPDI Fact Sheet

FPDI defends the safety and security of the food system by conducting research to protect against vulnerabilities in the food supply chain, from farm to table, and to reduce the potential catastrophic attacks on public health and the economy.

Snapshot: Respiration Protection Field Assistant

First responders need a lighter, more comfortable SCBAs system that didn't require their tanks to refilled as frequently. S&T funded the development of a stackable, modular-filter system that removes tiny particles in the air.


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