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Statement By Secretary Nielsen On House Passage Of H.R. 3359 To Create The Cybersecurity And Infrastructure Security Agency

“I commend the House of Representatives for passing H.R. 3359. I urge the Senate to pass similar legislation. As the events of this morning illustrate, our nation’s critical infrastructure can often be prime targets for adversaries of all types, including terrorists, nation state and other non-state actors, hackers, and ordinary criminals. As the threat landscape shifts and becomes more complex, our approach to security must evolve."

Statement by Secretary Jeh C. Johnson on the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016

I congratulate Congress on passing the Consolidated Appropriations Act. It is a strong bill for homeland security. I am very pleased with the funding levels provided, and the number of other things the bill does to help us protect the Homeland. On behalf of the men and women of this Department, I thank Senators Hoeven and Shaheen, and Representatives Carter and Roybal-Allard for their strong support of our homeland security priorities.

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