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Manage Borders

Welcome to the S&T Impact Series!

This web and video series delves into the core homeland security mission areas and highlights how the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) is helping agents, officers, first responders and decision makers with some of their toughest challenges.

Southwest Border Security

Measuring Effectiveness

DHS has deployed unprecedented levels of personnel, technology, and resources and has made critical security improvements to secure and manage our borders.

Small Dark Aircraft

The U.S. Border Patrol has identified a critical need to counter the use of low-flying and low-observable aircraft along our northern and southern borders.

Statement by Secretary Jeh C. Johnson on Operation Lucero

I commend the great work of our special agents from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), which is part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  HSI worked with law enforcement authorities in El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico to take down a human smuggling network suspected of illegally smuggling hundreds of individuals each week – including children and families – throughout Central America and Mexico into the United States.

Borders and Maritime Security

S&T's Border and Maritime Security program enhances U.S. air, land and maritime border security while maximizing the flow of legitimate trade and travel. The program aims to achieve its mission by transitioning scientific and technical knowledge and solutions to operational use

Securing and Managing Our Borders

Protecting the nation's borders—land, air, and sea—from the illegal entry of people, weapons, drugs, and contraband is vital to our homeland security, as well as economic prosperity. Over the past several years, DHS has deployed unprecedented levels of personnel, technology, and resources to the Southwest border.

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