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ST-Technology Scouting Reports

The reports found below are a result of technology evaluations that leverage the expertise and networks within S&T to gain access and insight into emerging solutions across laboratories, academia, interagency partners and private industry and with international partners.


The DHS S&T Hazard Awareness and Characterization Technology Center (HAC-TC) coordinates S&T’s efforts to understand current, emerging, and future chemical, biological, and explosive (CBE) hazards.

World Radio Day

Today, in honor of World Radio Day, we’re taking a look at how this oh-so-useful-part of our electromagnetic spectrum is serving the mission of securing our homeland.


Technology is a critical tool for improving interoperability that should meet the needs of practitioners on the front lines and should address regional needs, existing infrastructure, cost verses benefits, and sustainability. The resources below provide examples of the technology currently used in the public safety environment.

ST - First Responder FY 18-19 Capability Gaps

 The capability gaps or Statements of Objectives (SOO) developed as a result of these meetings help determine how S&T engages with business, industry, innovation and academia partners, and ultimately how S&T provides first responders the tools they need to protect communities and stay safe while performing their duties.

News Release: U.S., ROK Partner in Science, Technology R&D

Today, the United States and the Republic of Korea entered into a bilateral partnership for deeper cooperation on science and technology research and development of solutions to disasters such as fire, storm, flood and earthquake and issues closely related to public safety such as security and infectious disease.


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