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Statement By Secretary Johnson On The DHS Inspector General’s Report On The U.S. Secret Service And The Protective Mission Panel

I welcome today’s report by the DHS Inspector General, which recognizes the hard work of the United States Secret Service over the past two years to make necessary changes to the agency and further secure the White House complex. These steps were taken in response to recommendations made by the Protective Mission Panel in December 2014, which I established after the September 2014 fence jumping incident to conduct an independent assessment of the Secret Service and the security of the White House complex.

Statement By Secretary Jeh C. Johnson On The Subpoenas Announced By Chairman Chaffetz

I regret that Chairman Chaffetz and his staff have taken the unprecedented and unnecessary step of subpoenaing two members of the U.S. Secret Service with the responsibility for the protection of the President, his family and the White House complex. Chairman Chaffetz’s assertion that this Department has been “uncooperative” is simply wrong.


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