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Message from Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas

Thank you for your service and your dedication to the safety and security of our Nation. Many of you serve on the front lines, working in and even rushing into harm’s way to protect us all. Each and every one of you contributes valiantly to the mission through the work you perform.

The Secretary's Award for COVID-19 Pandemic Heroism 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic Heroism

The 2020 Secretary’s COVID-19 Pandemic Heroism Award was created to recognize exceptional and dedicated work and selfless response in the face of this deadly and perilous coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that erupted around the world and in this nation.

The Secretary's Exceptional Service Gold Medal 2020

Exceptional Service

The Secretary grants the Exceptional Service Gold Medal in recognition of exceptionally outstanding leadership or service that is distinguished by achievements of national or international significance, reflecting great credit on the Department of Homeland Security and the federal government by markedly improving the security of our homeland.

The Secretary’s Award for Valor 2020


The 2020 Secretary’s Award for Valor is the department’s highest award for extraordinary acts of heroism or courage involving great risk by employees under unusual circumstances. To be eligible for this award, an employee must have demonstrated heroism or courage in an emergency – on or off duty.

The Secretary’s Award for Volunteer Service 2020

Volunteer Service

The 2020 Secretary’s Award for Volunteer Service recognizes significant contributions by DHS employees who serve as volunteers with non-profit or community service programs that provide sustained and meaningful results for individuals, or the greater public good.

The Secretary's Award for Diversity Management 2020

Diversity Management

The 2020 Secretary’s Award for Diversity Management recognizes an employee, supervisor, or manager who has excelled in efforts to promote diversity through exceptional, effective leadership, innovation, and perseverance. The award may acknowledge individual efforts exclusively within the department, or with external partners who assist the Department of Homeland Security in meeting our commitment to diversity.

The Secretary's Award for Exemplary Service 2020

Exemplary Service

The 2020 Secretary’s Award for Exemplary Service is granted to employees who have achieved outstanding performance in all aspects of their work, warranting special commendation. Employees in administrative, technical, clerical, and general support positions throughout the agency are critical to meeting the department’s goals. This award provides an opportunity to honor these employees whose deeds often go unrecognized.


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