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Lynn Parker Dupree

Lynn Parker Dupree was appointed as the DHS Chief Privacy Officer/Chief FOIA Officer effective March 22, 2021.

Prior to her appointment as the Chief Privacy Officer/Chief FOIA Officer, Lynn served as the Director of Governance and Controls in the Data Ethics and Privacy Office at Capital One.

In that capacity her work focused on governance of the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act, as well as initiatives related to data sharing and data retention.

Before joining the private sector, Lynn held a variety of roles at the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, an independent agency with a mission to ensure that efforts to prevent terrorism are balanced with privacy and civil liberties. She joined the Board in 2014.  During her tenure Lynn’s roles in the organization included Attorney-Advisor, Acting General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel, and culminated in the role of Executive Director prior to her departure in 2020.

Lynn also held multiple roles in the Obama Administration. She served in the White House as a Deputy Associate Counsel for Presidential Personnel from 2013-2014, and previously served at DHS as the Special Assistant to the General Counsel from 2011–2013 and the Special Assistant to the Chief Privacy Officer from 2009-2011.  Prior to joining the Administration, Lynn was in private practice at Burr Forman and served as a law clerk to Judge Michael P. Mills in the Northern District of Mississippi. Lynn is a Truman National Security Project Fellow and a member of the Brookings Society.

Last Published Date: March 22, 2021
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