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Waggl Privacy Policy and Notice

DHS uses Waggl as an internal employee engagement tool.  DHS Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) serves as the executive agent for the DHS Waggl use and controls who at the department is an Account Administrator with the access to initiate a new survey (or pulse) which then gets emailed to employees.

Waggl is an engagement tool that utilizes digital focus groups at scale enabling employees to crowd source ideas, vote on topics, and prioritize potential solutions to be forwarded to senior leadership. Waggl enables DHS to distribute pulse surveys, gather opinions around organizational topics, and gain real-time responses on critical areas of need, track ideas and best practices. In order to initiate these surveys (or pulses), links are created by Account Administrators and emailed to employees. Waggle tallies votes/responses and allows interaction among employees, like a digital focus group. Waggl pulses are typically anonymous although employees do have the option of providing their first and last name should they so choose.

Employees engaging the Waggl tool expect privacy protections while interacting with DHS. Use of Waggl is anonymous, voluntary, and does not collect PII about you unless you choose to provide such information. In using the tool, DHS will not 1) solicit PII information from employees other than the voluntary attribution of responses and 2) ask questions that require the submission of PII. To the extent a user posts PII, it will be used only for the purpose for which you provided it.

Employees use Single Sign-On to access Waggl, sometimes a link may be sent through email to participate. This prior collection of this email information is done outside of Waggl by Account Administrators.

Last Updated: 02/14/2020
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