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Disaster Response and Recovery

Every year, disasters put millions of Americans in danger and destroy billions of dollars worth of property. But every year, all year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is on the job —as part of a team helping communities reduce their risk, helping emergency officials prepare for all hazards, and helping people get back on their feet after their lives are disrupted by a disaster.

Supporting Communities Affected by Disasters

FEMA coordinates federal operational and logistical disaster response capability needed to save and sustain lives, minimize suffering, and protect property in a timely and effective manner in communities that become overwhelmed by disasters.

Responding to Disasters and Helping to Recover  

FEMA assists in community recovery through a number of channels, including obligating monetary aid for both individual assistance and public assistance.

Individual assistance may include housing, crisis counseling, legal services, disaster case management, and unemployment assistance, among other services.

Public Assistance may include reimbursement to clear debris and rebuild roads, schools, libraries, and other public facilities.

Last Published Date: August 14, 2018

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