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U.S. Secret Service (USSS)

United States Secret Service

When you think of the Secret Service, the agents who protect the President probably come to mind first. But did you know the Secret Service was originally formed (way back in 1865) to stop criminals from counterfeiting money and other goods? Today, there are two types of Secret Service jobs: Investigation jobs and Protection jobs.


Cyber Operations, Criminal Investigations, and Investigative Support

Secret Service agents in the Cyber Operations, Criminal Investigations and Investigative Support divisions work to protect and prevent US banks and businesses from computer crimes. Cybercriminals use ransomware, phishing emails, and other hacker tools and tricks to steal money and sensitive information from the bank accounts of US citizens and businesses. They can even steal your identity!

Highly-trained agents use advanced technology to stop cybercriminals before they harm American banks and businesses, and if a cyber crime does happen, investigators work quickly to gather evidence, identify the criminals, secure the virtual crime scene, and help banks and businesses get back on their feet.

The Secret Service also works with police officers and detectives in cities and states across America to make our banks and businesses even more secure.  Secret Service agents teach these officers and detectives about the best ways to protect their communities from cyber criminals.


New technology has made it easy for criminals to create fake money. It’s the job of the Secret Service agents in the Counterfeit division to identify, collect, and stop this fake money from being used to buy anything.

Forensic Services

Secret Service agents in the Forensic Services division use some of the most advanced technology in the world to gather clues from all sorts of evidence—handwriting, fingerprints, video cameras, cell phones, credit cards, and more!  The Forensic Services lab is home to with world’s largest ink library! The agents in this division are also experts in reading lie detector tests.  They help other agents understand when suspects and witnesses are telling the truth and when they are lying.

The Electronic and Financial Crimes Task Forces

A task force is a team assigned to one specific task. The Secret Service operates over 80 task forces that focus on either Electronic Crimes or Financial Crimes.  Secret Service agents in each task force work together with investigators, professors, inventors, and government officials to protect communities across the country from cyber crimes and other terrorist activities.

The Secret Service’s second main responsibility is to protect our country’s most important leaders, buildings, and special events. Agents use a combination of technology, intelligence gathering, and good, old fashioned bodyguards to provide this protection.

Special Agents

Special agents are the elite agents you see protecting the President and Vice President. They also protect the leaders of other countries when they visit the US, the President’s and Vice President’s family members, Presidential candidates who are running for election.

Special agents are stationed across the country to help protect our nation’s most important leaders when they travel or attend a special event. Some special agents work in other countries, too. They protect US Ambassadors and other important leaders living or working internationally. 

Not everyone can be a special agent. The job is very demanding, so the Secret Service only selects the best agents to be special agents. Most special agents will protect a variety of people and live in many different places during their career.

Uniformed Division

Secret Service agents in the Uniformed Division secure buildings and other spaces that are being used by the US’s most important leaders and foreign visitors.

The Uniformed Division protects the White House, the Vice President’s house, the Treasury Department, and foreign embassies in Washington, DC. Some Uniformed Division agents travel with the President, Vice President and foreign leaders to special events around the country.

Uniformed Division agents may have the chance to work in one of the division’s special units:

The Canine Unit

Dogs help agents inspect protected spaces for bombs, suspicious packages, and other dangers.

Emergency Response Unit

This team is ready to act if an attack happens at the White House or another protected building.

Countersniper Team

These agents are highly trained marksman who protect large spaces using special surveillance equipment and weapons.

Motorcade Support Team

Agents in this team help protect the President, Vice President, and foreign leaders as they travel by car. Some agents get to ride motorcycles!

Crime Scene Search Unit

These agents visit crime scenes to take photographs and collect other evidence like fingerprints, hair, and clothes.


If you were a Secret Service agent, what team would you be a part of?

Last Updated: 06/10/2024
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