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Federal Protective Service (FPS)

FPS Management Directives

Directives establishing policies, requirements, and responsibilities related to operations of the Federal Protective Service.

FPS Prohibited Items Program

This directive establishes FPS policy for applying security force countermeasures to mitigate prohibited item entry at Federal properties. It applies to all facilities or properties under the control of the General Services Administration (GSA) and any facilities or properties owned, leased, or occupied by any Federal-agency contracting with FPS to provide security service.

FPS 50th Anniversary Director's Video Message

The Federal Protective Service celebrates its 50th Anniversary on January 11. FPS Director L. Eric Patterson and Principal Deputy Director Richard K. Cline recognized the moment with a special video message to FPS employees, partners, and stakeholders.

Portland Riots Read-out: August 7

Portland’s rioters have not stopped and are instead focusing their attacks on local law enforcement officers and buildings elsewhere in the city.

Portland Riots Read-out: August 5

Tuesday evening marked a third consecutive night with no attacks directed at federal officers or property – a stark contrast from the violent nightly siege of the previous weeks.

Portland Riots Read-out: August 4

While violent criminal activity persists elsewhere in Portland, Monday night marked the second straight night during which rioters did not attack federal property or officers.


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