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Law Enforcement

DHS Working Animal Tribute Wall Dedication Ceremony

On May 12, 2021 at two o’ clock in the afternoon, the Department honored our DHS working animals and their handlers at the DHS Working Animal Tribute Wall Dedication Ceremony at DHS Headquarters, St. Elizabeths Campus, Washington, DC.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials may encounter a potential victim of human trafficking during the course of their duties – during domestic disturbance calls; when responding to incidents at massage parlors, bars, and strip clubs; or even during routine traffic stops.

Remarks as Prepared by Acting Secretary Chad F. Wolf Highlighting Border Security and Immigration Policies of the Trump Administration

Reversing course is no way forward. Decriminalizing illegal entry, stopping the deportation of criminal aliens, resuming catch and release, returning to a broken asylum system, dismantling the wall, walking away from landmark international agreements, and putting foreign workers first in line for American jobs is not the way to secure the Homeland. These are not just bad policies, they are dangerous.


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